Remember the last few weeks of February? The cold mornings crawling out of bed, just to find the unwelcoming floor as frigid as the air around you? If you got through the last few weeks of winter with a less-than-effective heating unit, it’s time to replace it. This symptom of a faulty and ready-to-retire unit is pretty obvious, but there are other signs that it’s not just a quick fix, it’s time for a full replacement. It might seem like a lot to take on, purchasing a new unit. But in the long run, a new unit will save you money and keep you comfortable through the cold months.


Some things get better with age. Your heater is not one of them. Trust us on this one. If you don’t know the age of your unit, there is usually an easy way to find out. Take a look at the inside the removable door on the front of the unit. Most furnaces have a sticker with 4 digits. The last two digits in the sequence indicate the year the model was produced. You can also go online with the brand and manufacturer.

The retirement age for a furnace is usually between 15-20 years, depending on the care and maintenance it has received. If your unit is close to this range and exhibiting any of the other symptoms below, it’s time to call and consider replacement.

Increased Repairs

If it seems like your furnace is breaking down all the time, requiring a quick fix, it’s time to move on. Pouring money into an old, failing unit is throwing money away. Eventually, the unit will be beyond repair and in the mean time you’re pouring money into fixes, spending more in energy costs for an inefficient unit and putting off the inevitable.

Now we’re not saying any unit that needs a repair is ready for retirement. It’s natural for units to need the occasional fix and regularly scheduled maintenance. Just be aware of how often these ‘quick fixes’ are happening. If it’s frequent, it’s time.

Heating Bills

Heating bills, we all know them and we all dislike paying them. If you’ve noticed an increase in the amount you owe each month, your furnace is working harder and costing you more money than it should be. Your choices are to continue paying the higher bills and repair fees, or consider investing in a unit that can significantly lower your monthly payment.

You Comfort

Your home is the place you and your family should be most comfortable. A faulty heater can make winter feel eternal. There is no need to sacrifice your comfort for a costly and ineffective heater.

Comfort also refers to your financial situation. Replacing a heater can be an investment and there are options to take some of the pressure off of a new purchase. Financing options help alleviate the financial discomfort of a new system.

If it’s time to make a change, contact one of our certified technicians. We will help you identify the most comfortable solutions for your heating needs. Don’t spend another winter under a pile of blankets. Get back to cozy evenings in the living room and waking up comfortable, not a popsicle.

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