Invented in the mid 1970’s, ductless heat pump systems have come a long way. Originally designed as a more attractive replacement for ugly, noisy window units, they now come in a range of sizes and designs with features that make these units a good choice for many applications.

The ductless heat pump or mini split is now a popular choice to solve “spot cooling problems” such as the one bedroom at the end of the hall that is always too hot or too cold or the bonus room in the basement or attic.

This is not your grandmother’s window unit.

Not only are the mini split units better looking than their predecessors, but they can do so much more than just turn on and off. You can select cooling, heating, ventilation or fan mode to recirculate the air. And you can control the fan speed to select how much air you want blown into the room.

Some units even have a “dry mode” that will reduce the humidity and moisture from an occupied space without significant changes in temperature. This is especially helpful in basements so you can avoid that cold, damp, cave-like feel.

When matched with a setback thermostat, you start to see real energy savings as you adjust the amount of conditioning room by room. Most units also include a remote control so you can adjust the temperature without leaving your chair or bed.

At Chapman Heating and Cooling, we are pleased to offer a full line of Bryant Ductless Systems. When we meet with you and review your comfort needs we can help you select the best mini split for your home.

  • Cassette ductless systems are mounted directly into the ceiling. They are no more obtrusive than a typical air vent.
  • Wall and high wall mounted systems with a sleek and stylish fits in any room.
  • Floor consoles cool from the floor up. These are a great alternative to mounted or ceiling options.
  • Single zone systems are designed to handle comfort in one room.
  • Multi zone systems connects units throughout the home to a single outdoor compressor. The powerful outdoor unit of the Bryant Multi-zone ductless system can support up to 9 indoor units, delivering specialized comfort to each room.

Warm in the winter

Once they were known only for their cooling capacity, but these ductless heat pumps keep you comfortable all year long. Many models can actually maintain the temperature in your room even when it drops as low as 5 degrees F outside.

The ductless heat pumps are also incredibly efficient.

The cooling performance ranges from 15 to 30.5 SEER, the seasonal energy efficiency ratio.  SEER measures the cooling performance of a unit.  Much like miles per gallon on your vehicle, the higher the SEER the more you save.

On the heating side, the HSPF (Heating seasonal performance factor) ranges from 8.2 to 11.5.

Attractive, efficient, flexible and affordable, call us today to learn more about the Ductless Heat Pump.

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