Have you ever felt like Goldilocks trying to find the right temperature in your home? Too hot, too cold or just right. This feeling is especially common in the winter, when finding the perfect temperature can be a real pain. Set the thermostat too high and in no time you’ll get the urge to crack a window. As soon as the temperature drops back down, it’s time to bundle up and crank the heat back up again.

To help you find the right balance between freezing cold or blazing hot, let’s take a closer look at a few of our home heating options.

Multispeed Units

Multispeed operates a lot like the choices in the home of the three bears. Typically a multi-speed unit has three levels to choose from to heat your home. The unit increases or decreases blowing power to match the temperature your home needs. Although you have a few choices, it does leave some room in-between that can make the home uncomfortable and inefficient. If medium is a little cooler than you need and you crank it up to high, there is some space in between those levels that could be comfortable at a lower blowing speed and more efficient energy level.

Variable Speed Units

Next up is variable speed heating units. While we aren’t exactly heating up Goldilocks’ soup here, variable speed heat pumps work in a way that gives you the ability to change the temperature ever-so-slightly, instead of carelessly leaping to the next heat level. These variable systems provide more ‘levels’ to choose from, which will keep you at a better comfort level and even prevents the system from working overtime – both very good things in our opinion. By identifying the right level for you home, these systems save you money on unnecessary heating.

The Good and Bad

That isn’t to say each system is without their pros and cons. Take the time to do a little research in order to find the best system for you home. Consider all your needs. While the variable unit is great for efficiency and long-term energy savings, it will hit you with a higher price tag up front. The technology to make these systems so efficient is pretty cutting edge and will therefore be difficult to replace than older, but less accommodating multi-speed units. If you are going to invest in a variable unit, be sure to purchase the full warranty to protect your investment.

On the other hand, multispeed units will cost you less up front. However, their less efficient operating system will more than likely end up costing you significantly more on your monthly bills. The three-level heat system is older, which means maintenance and general repair is less expensive than newer, high-tech units.

Consult an Expert

Your choices aren’t limited when it comes to the comfort of your home. If you’re like Goldilocks and can find your ‘just right’ with a few choices, the multi-speed might be for you. If you’re looking for something with high efficiency and more options for overall comfort, the variable heat pump is for you. Before you get started searching for a new unit, give our team a call and we will help you find the right unit for your home, budget, comfort and needs.

Don’t suffer through the winter turning the thermostat up and down. Pick the right choice for you and your needs to make sure your home is comfortable all winter long!