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Whether you’re looking for heating, cooling, or a combination of both, Bryant offers a rewarding range of products for any size or style of space, answering the most challenging demands with reliable solutions.  Built to last, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, and meticulously designed to maximize value from your energy dollar, there are four main types of Bryant heating and cooling systems.  Hybrid Heat dual fuel systems, split systems, geothermal systems, and packaged systems let you customize comfort and performance to your specific needs.  And when you call on Bryant Heating and Air Conditioning, we specialize in these leading products and will help you with everything from design/build to ongoing, proactive maintenance.

A Bryant Hybrid Heat dual fuel system combines a heat pump, gas furnace, evaporator coil, and control.  Taking advantage of the best of both electric and gas fueled systems, efficiency is maintained at maximum levels.  An electric heat pump works by transferring heat from the atmosphere outside, thereby operating more efficiently than units that burn fossil fuel.  Once temperatures drop below about 35 degrees, however, the heat pump is less efficient and needs to be supplemented by the gas furnace. The gas furnace automatically takes over, providing consistent comfort.  A Bryant Hybrid Heat dual fuel system is one of the most efficient, flexible, and cost-effective heating-and-cooling system on the market today.

A split system is either a heat pump heating/cooling system or an air conditioner, with one part of the system located inside, and the other part located outside the home.  Continuing a legacy of quality that goes back over a hundred years, Bryant offers the Evolution System, Preferred Series, and Legacy Line products.  Enjoy the modern conveniences of zone control, WiFi accessibility, and variable speed technology.  Our Bryant factory trained technicians can assist you in selecting the right system for your exact needs.

If space inside your house is at a premium, you may want to consider a packaged unit.  Bryant offers several options that can be located on your rooftop or in your yard.  A packaged system can provide only cooling or can combine components to include electric only or gas and electric heating and cooling.  The advantage of a packaged solution is that everything, other than the control, is contained in one unit.  Our NATE-certified team will help you realize maximum space and energy savings, while providing consistent temperature control.

Bryant geothermal heating and cooling systems take advantage of stable temperatures just below the earth’s surface, or in a pond or well water. These innovative systems use 25% to 50% less electricity than traditional heating or cooling units. They are also exceptionally durable, remaining effective for around fifty years. Very little maintenance is required, and since there is no combustion process, these systems are extremely safe, clean, and environmentally friendly. Drawing from extensive industry background in-field experience, and regularly updated training, know that we will handle your geothermal installation process accurately, smoothly, and to your complete satisfaction.

Established in 1940, we are the original Bryant dealership in Indianapolis and the first Factory Authorized Dealer in Indiana. Factory Authorization is not given but earned by consistently meeting strict standards for customer service, business management, and technical know-how. Our NATE-certified technicians continue factory direct training, remaining current with increasingly complex technology, product innovations, and cutting-edge techniques.  We adhere to rigid service procedures and rely on Bryant Factory Authorized parts whenever possible. Through exacting attention to detail, we provide proper installation, maintenance, and repair, ensuring that your comfort systems operate safely, efficiently, and to your highest satisfaction.

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